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Planning a vehicle inspection or tyre change? Need to report an insurance claim?
We have compiled the most important information for you and your car.
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Claim registration

Claim registration

In case of a situation giving rise to a vehicle insurance claim, please notify us immediately by contacting the Customer Service Office on +48 22 699 99 99.

Call the police if:

  • someone was injured in the accident
  • it may be presumed from the circumstances that a criminal offence has been committed
  • the incident caused significant vehicle damage

In the above cases, make a note of the details of the attending police unit.

In the cases below, you must notify the police within 12 hours of the event:

  • theft of a vehicle
  • act of vandalism
Browse documents relating to road incidents
Claim registration form
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Inspections and repairs

Inspections and repairs

For service or repair, use the service station search engine by clicking on the FIND SERVICE button

You are reminded that the following services, if carried out at one of the service points in our network, do not require prior authorisation from ALD Automotive. The service point may begin carrying out the order and apply for authorisation during or after completion of the service:

  • Periodic inspection according to manufacturer’s requirements
  • Refilling with consumable fluids (excluding windscreen washer fluid)
  • Bulb replacement (not applicable to xenon)
  • Replacement of worn brake blocks/discs
  • Replacement of wiper blades

In case of other servicing actions, the scope of the repairs must be approved by ALD Automotive before work begins. Payment for completed services is settled on a cashless basis between ALD Automotive and the service point.

Compulsory technical inspection
If the expiry date of the technical inspection shown in the vehicle’s registration document has been reached, go to one of the cooperating vehicle inspection stations. To find the garage please use the search engine

Services search engine
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Travel abroad

Travel abroad

If a company car is used for a journey abroad, the following documents will be required:


  • authorisation to drive the company car. To download the authorization, click on the DOWNLOAD AUTHORIZATION button

Other countries

  • authorisation to drive the company car
  • Green Card

If taking the vehicle to Moldova, the Lessee is obliged to purchase additional Casco insurance, which extends the range of cover to include the risk of theft of the vehicle in those countries. The cost of the additional insurance is computed individually for each vehicle depending on the sum insured on the comprehensive insurance policy and the number of days of stay in Moldova.

It is forbidden to travel by ALD Automotive car to Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

Send a request for the issuing of documents to, with a copy to the fleet manager, not later than five working days before the planned journey. The request should contain the following information:

  • vehicle registration number
  • forename and surname of vehicle user
  • number of identity document (personal identity card/passport)
  • dates of journey (from DD/MM/YYYY – to DD/MM/YYYY)
  • the countries to be travelled through and the place of destination
  • address dedicated for sending the original Green Card
Browse documents relating to insurance of a vehicle abroad
Travel abroad authorisation
Download authorisation
Tyre service

Tyre service

Under tyre servicing, depending on the detailed terms of our agreement with your company, ALD Automotive will provide:

  • seasonal tyre changes
  • replacement of worn tyres
  • seasonal tyre storage

Have your tyres replaced at tyre replacement points indicated by ALD Automotive. You can find the list of points in useful documents section in the bottom of this site.


Replace the damaged wheel with the spare, or use the repair kit. In case of problems with replacement, call Assistance on +48 22 699 99 99.
Payments for all tyre services are settled on a cashless basis between ALD Automotive and the service point.


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Contract details

Contract details

You need more information about your contract:

  • when your contract ends,
  • what is the maximum contracted mileage,
  • which tyre category is assigned to your vehicle,
  • which Asssitance option you can use,
  • is a Door to Door service included?

You will find all this information by clicking on the CONTRACT DETAILS button. You will need the registration number and the last 5 characters of the VIN number for verification.

Check details about services in your contract
Contract details
Vehicle return

Vehicle return

Notification of the return of a vehicle should be made at least 48 hours before the planned date, by e-mail to

Please attach to the message a completed Vehicle Return Notification form, which can be found in the downloadable files. All details about the return procedure and how to prepare the vehicle are contained in the Vehicle Return Instructions.

There is no extra return fee when you return your car in:

ALD Automotive Remarketing Center
Krze Duże 30a
96-325 Krze Duże

The return of the registration certificate is obligatory with the returned vehicle.

The state of wear and damage to the returned vehicle are assessed according to the rules described in the Vehicle Return Guide published by the Polish Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association. The guide is available in two versions: for passenger cars and for goods vehicles. Both versions can be found in the Documents and Rules section at the foot of the page.

See other documents relating to vehicle return
Car return form
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The car insurance offered through ALD Automotive is valid in the following countries:

  • Third party insurance is valid on the territory of Poland, European Union countries, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In other European countries, a Green Card is required.
  • Accident and theft insurance covers damage occurred on the territory of Poland and within the geographical borders of Europe with the exception of Turkey. Accident and theft insurance covers loss of the vehicle due to theft, if such loss occurred on the territory of Poland and within the geographical borders of Europe, excluding Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and Turkey.
    At the request of the Policyholder, the Insurer may extend the cover with the risk of theft in Russia, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine for an additional premium. If you are interested in this option, please e-mail us at Please provide the registration plate number of the vehicle to which the insurance extension is to apply in the message body.
  • Accident insurance – insurance cover is provided for Insurance Events that occurred on the territory of the Republic of Poland and within geographical borders of Europe, with the exception of Turkey.

To download a copy of your vehicle’s insurance policy, click on the „Insurance Policy” button in the nearby box.


Vehicle insurance policy


+48 22 699 99 99

Depending on the detailed terms of our agreement with your company, under the Assistance option ALD Automotive will provide:

  • attempted on-road repair of the vehicle
  • towing to a service point

Assistance in arranging another form of transport to continue the journey

If it is not possible to complete the repair within 12 hours, we will provide a replacement vehicle for the time of the repair, overnight accommodation, or continuation of the journey by another means of transport. The choice of option is made in consultation with you.

Rules on the use of a replacement vehicle

Depending on the Assistance option selected by your company, you are entitled to a replacement vehicle if it is not possible to complete repairs within 12 hours. The class of the replacement vehicle and the maximum time of use are laid down in our agreement with your company. The place of collection and return of the replacement vehicle will be arranged with you. The vehicle should be returned clean, undamaged, and with the same amount of fuel as when it was collected. If the state of the vehicle on return differs from its state on collection, the costs of repairs, cleaning or fuel will be charged to your company.


You will find a link to the Assistance Abroad Guide in the box next to the text.


Assistance Abroad Guide Download
Fuel cards

Fuel cards

All activities tied to the handling and processing of fuel cards:

  • the ordering of a fuel card,
  • the blocking of a fuel card,
  • issuing authorization for fueling the replacement vehicle,
  • the loss of a fuel card

are performed after the relevant information is received at the e-mail address: The message should be sent by the person at the company who is responsible for car fleet management, or should include consent of that person for the activity in question. In addition, the message should contain the following information:

  • the vehicle’s registration number
  • number of the card and/or vendor of the card, to which the notification applies
  • reason for the notification.

The service of fuel cards is performed on the basis of rules of fuel vendors, which are available in the section “Useful documents”. Our offer includes fuel cards issued by Orlen, BP and Shell. If you are interested in the service, please send us information to the address


Windscreen damage

Windscreen damage

If the windscreen of the vehicle is damaged and the diameter of the damage does not exceed 0.22 centimeter, i.e. the diameter of a PLN 5 coin, the windscreen can be repaired:

  • seal the damage with the sticker that is attached to the vehicle documents
  • then contact Customer Service who will provide further information on how to repair the damage as soon as possible:
    • Customer Service +48 22 699 99 99
      • Mon. – Fri: 08:00 – 18:00
      • Sat: 08:30 – 15:00

All windscreen repairs are carried out to the highest quality standards in the Autoglass service network. Repairing a windscreen generates additional benefits for the vehicle user and the environment compared to replacing it:

  • simplified procedures – the windscreen repair does not require a damage report.
  • time saving – short repair time, on average 30 minutes
  • quality and safety – a guarantee of complete restoration of glazing strength. Lifetime guarantee for the service provided.
  • ecology – the windscreen remains in the vehicle and there is no need to dispose of it.
Theft of vehicle / Loss of documents

Theft of vehicle / Loss of documents

In case of theft of a vehicle, you must notify the police within 12 hours of the event.

Next, notify us by contacting the Customer Service Office on +48 22 699 99 99.

Loss/theft of registration plate

Send us by post:

  • the vehicle registration document
  • a written declaration of loss of the plates / the original police confirmation of the theft
  • the return address to which the documents are to be sent back
  • the second plate, if only one has been lost

Police retention of the registration document

Send us by post:

  • the original police confirmation of retention of the document
  • the certificate of a completed technical inspection
  • the return address to which the documents are to be sent back

loss of fuel card or the card pin

Immediately contact the Customer Service Office on +48 22 699 99 99.

Send documents to our address:
ALD Automotive
Zajęcza 2B
00-351 Warszawa
Useful documents

Useful documents